Krystle Patel

I work across writing, sound and textile to create moving image works and site specific installations that exist in dialogue. My practice exists in time and is intentionally slippery and evasive reflecting the dynamic essence of the self. Research forms the basis of my process relying on experimentation, intuition and conversation. I am interested in language, where it is full and where it is empty, its most abstract and literal forms, language as alive and with limitations.

Concept and form align as I work materially with surface and energy flow considering the language of rhythm and shine as a counter to archaic perspectives on art and being rooted in Eurocentric views on taste. The current conversation around identity politics and its desire to know is violent and cloaked in good intentions fixing the body and its markers. My work seeks to disrupt that which enables order to be maintained and with clear boundaries, acting in the service of those in power. Uncertainty, confusion and instability are generative acts and I use these as spaces of potential from which I reach out and expand my practice.


It Must Be Real, It’s On TV, (2022) Auction House

Mr India/your body is fragranced (i love you, i love you, i love you) Airspace Gallery (2022)

pa-ra-did-dle, (2021) Turf Projects and Back Lane West

A Handful Of Sinister Scenarios (AKA Jump My Bones), (2021) The Florence Trust

Beige Carpets, (2019) Stanley Picker Gallery


NOW 22, (2022) Gerald Moore Gallery 

Parental Guidance, (2022) SET Lewisham

Ghost Show, The Nightmare Before Christmas, (2021) HARTslane Gallery

Bloomberg New Contemporaries, (2021) First Site and South London Gallery

Euphoric, Procrastinarting (online)

I Decided To Give Up Rushing, (2021) Deptford X

Always Somewhere Else, (2021) Goldsmith’s University

Sculpture Exhibition, (2021) Stone Lane Gardens

Things From Inner Space, (2021) Rumit’s Flat, London

Group Show (online), (2021) Shrine, NYC

Future Visions, (2021) Hounslow Arts, Brentford Art Trail, Waterman’s Riverside Gallery 

Winter Sculpture Park, (2021) Gallery 32

Winter Fair, (2020) East side projects

Southwark Park Gallery Annual Open (2020)


UCL Plun-Favreau Institute of Neurology, Artist in residence (2022-23)

We Are Superfluous

Government Art Collection

RTM FM, monthly residency

Aaja radio, monthly residency

Orbit Residency (2021)

The Exchange, (2021) Eastside Gallery

Excellence Fee waiver  Goldsmiths University


Closed Circuit Systems: Slime, Sublime, Sublimation (2022) The Horse Hospital

Closed Circuit Systems: Conspiracy (2022) Cubitt Gallery

A Dinner of Rageful Desire, We Are Superfluous (2022)

Gut feelings, (2021) Published with T.A.C.O

the world is not finished and the sky has not fallen – yet,(2021) Hundred Years Gallery