Her (2019)
She is performing. She is fractured. Trauma has created this fracture between her body and her consciousness. Now her body performs as a machine and she no longer has a sense of time, only 1000 days of medical treatment. She is no longer a friend, a daughter or a wife, she is simply a mother. She completes tasks to feel valued. I can’t believe this is happening to her, she thinks.

The mind is unique to the individual, their history and the history of the universe. Perception cannot be measured scientifically. When asked by philosopher John Locke to describe the colour scarlet, a blind man said he thought it would sound like a loud trumpet. Although he had never seen the colour, his comprehension of sound allowed him to associate the colour with the strength that would be felt visually.

Those who have experienced trauma often speak of blackouts, blurs and ‘out of body’ experiences. Time itself expands and condenses while the body continues to perform without awareness. Perhaps as Descartes suggested, our bodies are merely machines and when they are unable 
to perform any longer the soul leaves.

HER performance is unsustainable.